Wealth Management Strategies, Inc. (WMS) is a holistic planning company committed to helping you develop strategies so you can enjoy greater personal and financial opportunities in retirement. This is accomplished through our Strategic Freedom Process. We begin this process by listening to you and discussing your lifestyles, goals, wishes, dreams, and family situations. While learning the details of your financial picture, we will construct and deliver a customized, written financial plan.

Our approach to delivering holistic financial services always starts and ends with you. Offering a strong combination of over 30 years of experience and professional client services, our team of professionals will fully evaluate your situation, preparing personal solutions that integrate tax planning, income and distribution planning, retirement, investment, and family wealth planning. With regular client communications we keep you informed on economic news and appropriate tax law and estate planning rule updates.

 At WMS, we pride ourselves with our three Unique's; The Strategic Freedom Process, giving tax advice, and helping multi-generational clients.

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In 15 minutes we can get to know you - your situation, goals, and needs - then outline our process, discuss ways to work with us, and connect you with an advisor committed to helping you pursue your goals and objectives.

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How we use the Strategic Freedom Process to Serve You


1. The Starter Session

Helps you to assess your current situation and clarify your goals, both personal and financial

2. The Discovery Experience

Develop a financial roadmap and organize financial affairs

3. The Financial Confidence Builder

A series of planning sessions to help you develop a plan to achieve your financial goals

4. The Strategic Freedom Plan

A detailed roadmap outlining the strategies, tools, and a course of action to implement your plan

5. The Strategic Freedom Toolbox

Professional resources and strategies to ensure the successful implementation of your goals

6. The Freedom Expander

Regular reviews of your progress to keep you on track towards your goals


How We Do It

Holistic Planning combines investment advising, retirement planning, and tax management under one roof. When you partner with Wealth Management Strategies, Inc., you get a team who educate and collaborate with you to craft a plan that reflects your unique wishes and needs. Watch this video to learn more about the value of working with a holistic advisor:

How We Use The Bucket Plan® To Serve You

A strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets for today's financial dangers and challenges.

The old way of investing for retirement was to keep a little pile of money at the bank and the rest of your money in a bigger pile of money in investments and hope that it would last a lifetime.

However, today market risk, interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk are the three biggest dangers facing investors at or near retirement, and a more sophisticated planning philosophy is essential to stretch retirement dollars to cover their many needs throughout the duration of retirement. For this purpose, we have developed The Bucket Plan® philosophy to segment money into three different buckets based on your investment time horizon, volatility tolerance and income needs.

The Money Cycle

The Bucket Plan


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Find out your Risk Number?



How We Use Riskalyze To Serve You

Riskalyze is cutting edge technology that pinpoints your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy. Riskalyze helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with YOUR investment goals and expectations. Together we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.

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“I am writing as the daughter of a deceased mother. My mother, Genora Greene was a long-time client of Tony Engrassia, at Wealth Management Strategies in Rocky Mount. After her death, my sister and I followed her instructions and went to see Tony. We were both already familiar with he and his company, as my sister and I had previously met jointly with him to learn about my mother’s investments. I had even attended a few Christmas gatherings in his office with my mom. What fun times seeing my mom laugh with Santa.


- Jefferys, Dalma    

“The above testimonial are the views of this individual client and do not represent the views of all clients. No compensation was provided for this review. This testimonial does not provide guarantee of future performance or success.  Delma J. December 2022”

“Where would we be today without the help of the Wealth Management Strategies Team, I shudder to even imagine it. Tony and his staff have been such a blessing to us. They have held our hands, like family, every step of the way as we planned for our retirement. No question was ever too silly or asked too often as we journeyed through these ten years (thus far). Their good was to help plan us a retirement that would carry us through the years ahead with ease and allow me to sleep at night without worry. We appreciate this group of professionals, more than words can ever say. We are thankful to be under their watchful care.”


- Dail, Ray & Wanda    

“The above testimonial are the views of this individual client and do not represent the views of all clients. No compensation was provided for this review. This testimonial does not provide guarantee of future performance or success.  Ray & Wanda D. November 2022”